Here’s The Video That Confirms, Yes, Amanda Bynes Has Officially Lost It

Senior Pop Culture Editor
04.16.13 16 Comments

Yup: Amanda Bynes is too far gone. Her increasingly awkward insanity isn’t anything new — see: vagina murders, Twitter pleas to Obama, and especially her wigless cartwheels — but the Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda Show star outdid herself last night, with a video she uploaded to Twitter.

The clip, entitled “I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight,” shows Bynes making pouty faces with her terrifyingly puffed-up lips in front of a mirror while awful wub-wub music plays. Is she trolling? Perhaps. Or maybe: she’s a huge Dalia from Suburgatory fan, and this is all some Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here-style stunt. That’s the most likely of scenarios. Or maybe she’s just nuts.


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