Here’s What To Expect If You Push A Cop

06.16.10 7 years ago 64 Comments

The uproar is in motion as everyone’s up in arms over a Seattle police officer punching a young lady. Everyone’s of their opinion but I’m at a loss because what the hell did she expect would happen if she put hands on a cop?

I’m not advocating for the police officer. Perhaps he’ll be disciplined, demoted or something of that nature. I don’t know police protocol so speculation would be just that. Also, I haven’t bothered to dig for full details since initial reports but it all began from a jaywalking incident. On that level, this all seems extreme.

Yet from my close dealings with cops in various capacities (no snitching), there’s a part of you that has to feel for them in situations like these. Irate participants in out of control situations can probably cause quite the conundrum. Factor in a crowd of onlookers whose intentions aren’t always known and there’s a potential powder keg waiting to be incited.

And nine out of ten times, it’s one officer left alone to quickly access how to handle it.

Of course this d*ckhead probably handles it wrong by slugging the chick. An alternative may have been to leg sweep or something of that nature. But as expected, whatever force he had to use is technically justified.

“All use of force on the job is reviewed, Whitcomb said, as use of force is under the officer’s discretion. He added that punching is a trained tactic.”

In his shoes, I’d most likely do the same damn thing. Husky broad like that and she’s interfering and then not backing down? Pssh. It’s lose-lose anyways. Sock her, Tase her, tickle her, shoot her, doesn’t matter. The outcome will be deemed wrong in the court of public opinion. Me? My nerves are too bad for crowds anyways so I’d last about four days as Johnny Law before I’d end up in this officer’s spot and shoot everything moving. The whole crowd in that video? Yeah, they’d be dead and Officer Gotty’s™ face would be everywhere.

What could she have done differently?

Simple. Not resist.

There’s a fine line between police brutality and putting yourself in a bad situation. Personally, I don’t even attempt to rationalize with law enforcement, not even on traffic stops. I’m not exiting a vehicle (“arrest me or let me go about my way”), consenting to a search or any of that. If they’re approaching you, assume it’s with ill outcomes to be expected. Be prepared to answer any questions, don’t allow yourself to be physically or verbally mistreated and maintain your composure as best you can. If it gets tense & you go on the physical offensive, they’re trained quite well to defend themselves with counter moves, restraint holds and hand-to-hand tactics for close situations. Understand that they do have the upperhand…and, ultimately, they have a gun there and a cavalry waiting on any calls for backup.

Shut your mouth, take the charge and call your lawyer, aka your one man/woman cavalry. It’s better to lean on that than to expect anybody holding the camera to come help (they never do, ever).

It’s obvious shorty hasn’t watched enough Cops or First 48 to be keen to these things.

Seattle Officer Punches Girl In Face During Jaywalking Stop [Komonews]

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