HP Doesn’t Care About Black People

01.02.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

Did you hear the one about the HP webcam that hates Black people?

No? Well, HP developed some state of the art face detection and recognition software that doesn’t quite detect the Negroes. Oh yes, and the Negro that found this out used said webcam to put out a YouTube video, featuring his very Caucasian co-worker.

Obviously HP responded (and you should read the response should you care for one) but I found it simultaneously hilarious and ironic that homie would go out there and call HP racist.

Of course it’s racist, if by race you mean the color of your skin. Listen, I know it’s sad and hard to come to terms with, but we are not all created identical. I remember a long long time ago hearing some little girls in a North Carolina middle school I attended complaining because Wella Mousse didn’t quite work out for ’em. Being of African descent, I wondered why they thought Wella should be responsible for that. I mean, by that logic, we should shut down all Afro pick factories because Wanda in that vid can’t get that fluffy puff using the pick.

When one’s racial physical predisposition becomes the establishment’s responsibility, segregation starts becoming a viable, acceptable option and racism becomes an institution. It’s already in practice, but dear God, silly people, do not give it a voice and a face. Let’s all act like Wal-mart doesn’t have an “Ethnic Haircare” aisle and MediaMart doesn’t have a “Black Music” aisle.

So, kinky hair, dark skin, big lips, black eyes, or whatever you may have been born with, be proud of it and fut the shuck up. The sooner you accept that you are different, the sooner we can move on to bigger issues people face because of race. Like disenfranchisement and hate. We’ll deal with these petty nonsensicalities like facial detection when the majority of us can afford that damn laptop, hmmkay?

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