Hey, Heath Miller is in the Endzone!

09.30.07 10 years ago 12 Comments

Only he’s blanketed by three Cardinals. Why not go ahead and throw it anyway? Maybe there’ll be a glitch like in Madden and the ball will go through one of the opposing players and materialize in Miller’s hands. Who knows? Life’s an adventure.

Oh, shit. One of the Cardinals did catch it. Well, just remember to show Tomlin your “Did I do bad?” face. He can’t get too mad. He is the one who refuses to use Najeh Davenport in short yardage situations. First and goal from the four? Let’s run it with Willie Parker twice up the gut. He’s sure to move the pile.

Speaking of Willie Parker: would you like to fumble a few more handoffs? Tiki Barber just called. No, no, allow me. I’ll hold the phone up to your ear so you can listen to him bitch about you stealing his schtick. It’s a nice phone. I’d hate for you to drop it, shithead.

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