Hey Hogwarts Nerds: Real Life Invisibility Cloak!

12.13.12 5 years ago

Oh my Dumbledores! Somebody’s gone and created a real-life invisibility cloak! Or at least they claim to have. Perhaps it’s all some twisted Voldemort-ian trick. Hmmmm.

Canadian company Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. (I’m sending them my resume now) has created a material that hides whatever’s behind it by bending light waves. The company is funded by the American and Canadian military, so their research is as secret as Severus Snape’s true loyalties. Oh yeah, that’s right, I know my Harry Potter characters. Ron, Hermione, uh, blonde douchebag guy, Helena Bonham Carter — I could go on.

So yeah, the pictures at the top that look like Photoshops are, in fact, Photoshops, but Biohyper Stealthology Inc. (or whatever) claims the real technology totally works that well. I’ll accept that as a possibility. What I won’t accept is that they didn’t insert a naked Emma Watson behind their invisibility cloak. If you’re going to use Photoshop, have some fun with it.

via Geekologie

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