Hey Zelda Fans — Those Squiggles Written All Over Everything in Skyward Sword Have Been Translated

01.06.12 6 years ago

How do you know a science fiction or fantasy series is really worth its salt? When it creates its own spoken or written language of course — that shows the makers aren’t just lazily tossing aliens and elves around, they really put some thought into this sh-t.

For some time now (at least since Ocarina of Time) the Zelda series has had it’s own Hylian alphabet. The latest game in the series, Skyward Sword, switched things up a bit and replaced the familiar Hylian alphabet with an all-new version. It’s taken Zelda fans a while, but it’s been translated and you can now download a font of the Skyward Sword Hylian alphabet right here.

Downloaded the font kids? Here’s a super-secret message for all you true Zelda fans to decode…

via Zelda Universe

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