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It’s Sunday but don’t stress.

We’re working on some things for Sessions to show you next week so stay tuned for that. Submit your questions for Jim Jones and Papoose today because that’s coming up tomorrow.

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In the meantime, we figured we’d keep on casting votes for who we felt did & accomplished what in 2006, proving that hip-hop is, indeed, not dead. It’s entertaining; it’s ignorant at times; it’s invigorating at others. But most importantly, it’s alive.

Seally Posturpedic Award – For the album that the masses comfortably slept on.

Vakill – Worst Fears Confirmed

“..from the Chi/Love don’t live here no more/rent’s too expensive…”

From the title track, featuring a precise Jay-z sample, to the final track, the beats and rhymes here make it one of my favorite albums of the year. I think I heard someone others raving about it and @ the time, the listening rotation was kind of stale so I gave it a spin. For that, I’ve been grateful ever since. Tracks like “Heart Bleeds,” “The King Meets The Sickest, and “When Was The Last Time” lead me to believe more folks really really should’ve gave this one a try.

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Rookie Of The Year

Lupe Fiasco

This had to be a no-brainer. Nobody else even came close. And in this situation, we always like to feel like we got on the bandwagon early for a good seat. From the Revenge Of The Nerds mixtapes to the guest appearances leading up to the album, Lupe brought a definite breath of fresh air and a good dosage of calm confidence to the music.

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The Robert Downey Jr. Award – To the hip-hop star who couldn’t stay out of trouble.

Snoop Dogg

Daz says Snoop was targeted for being a Black superstar.

Personally, I just think my dude lived up to his moniker and made some bonehead moves. A concealed weapon? Weed & coke charges? Yeah, I gotta give it to dude.

Honorable MentionDMX & Fabolous

It’s The Dog. And you did see some of those episodes on BET right? Nuff said. He’s soon to be up for a lifetime achievement in this category.

But Fab…how the hell do you get shot and still catch a damn charge? Only if you’re the F-A-B-O…Fab may be the first recipient of our Cheddar Bob Award now that I think about it.

“That Ain’t Rap?” Award

Corinne Bailey Rae

The Sessions @ AOL recording. The self-titled album. The live performances. All solid. Superb even. And she’s got a Grammy nomination to prove that, even if hip-hop wasn’t listening, the rest of the world was. If you haven’t checked for her yet, do yourself a favor and do so sooner than later.

The Curtis Jackson Award – For the fool who says so much that, well, what can you say?


Kisses his “daddy.” Tries to explain it. Gets arrested & his court papers show he’s older than admitted. Pitches a dart at the artist whose style and bozack he rode to stardom. Fumbled the retraction. Disses his former labelmates…retracts and makes songs lamenting them…only to diss them again.

Keeping his proverbial foot in his mouth, I believe we have a definite winner here.

The “I Get No Respect” Award – For the dude who just couldn’t catch a break, this was truly oh-six.

Method Man

Son spazzed on…the media in general but the Wendy Williams incident set it off. Not done there, he called out Def Jam’s brass for not serving hip-hop justly. On top of that, the brother’s wife is suffering from cancer, his Benz and jewels got stolen

And, admist all that, he finally put out a solid album, but nobody really noticed. Here’s to next year, Meth. Hold ya head!

At this point, feel free to make your own pronouncements and award dedications in the comments section.

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Stray Shots

De La Soul – 3 Feet High & Rising (Bonus Tracks)

Kanye West – Akademiks Jeanius Level Mixtape

DJ Drama & Young Jeezy – I Am The Street Dream Mixtape

The Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury

Streetrunners – Run The Streets Vol. 1

Roy Ayers – Coffy OST

Roy Ayers – The Millennium Collection

R. Kelly – My Dairy (Japanese Retail)




Willie Hutch – The Mack OST

Coldplay – AOL Sessions

Chino XL – Poison Pen

Tapemasters Inc. – Mixtape Millionaires Club (Hosted By The Clipse)

Jin – I Promise

Jimi Hendrix – The Best Of

Eric Clapton- Unplugged



Celly Cel – Heat 4 Yo Azz

Alanis Morrisette – Jagged Little Pill Acoustic

The D.O.C. – No One Can Do It Better


50 Cent – Get Rich Or Die Tryin’

Twista – Mobstability

DJ Shad – Nothing’s New

Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchanida

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