High Quality Comedy: 10 Hilarious “In Living Color” Skits

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Some things are set up for failure before they’re even created. Naming your child Barack Obama II is one. Calling yourselves “The Dream Team” is another. And deciding to revive the timeless ’90s sketch comedy show In Living Color is another. The last of which your favorite station, FOX, has decided to do with the blessing of Keenan Ivory Wayans. Come the spring of 2012 (ironically the 18th anniversary of ILC’s last episode), the show – complete with new skits and new comedians – will air two half hour specials.

In Living Color was a launch pad for the careers of countless entertainers who eventually became staples in pop culture. Ideally, these two specials will do something of the sort, but with Affion Crockett’s show not being in rotation long enough to appear in the TV Guide, expectations are low and hopes even lower. Still, I’m all for new names and talent getting their shine. In the meantime, however, let’s take a trip in the time machine and take a quick glimpse at 10 of the show’s most hilarious moments.

1. Fire Marshall Bill as Santa Claus

Not much else to say here other than Fire Marshall Bill will continue to go down as one of the more successful characters from the entire series. In hindsight, Bill was a seed to future dominance Jim Carrey would have during the 1990’s which included several movies to achieve massive success at the box office. Still, however, ask anyone about this show and 93.5% of the time the name “Fire Marshall Bill” will get mentioned at least once. Safety was never more hilarious. — J. Tinsley

2. Frenchie Crashes A Bachelor Party

Always the picture of class in a jheri curl, EK glasses and a double-breasted, red-pleather, half-jacket (with gold fringe and matching pants), Frenchie was always my favorite of In Living Color’s lesser-known characters. In this clip, the gold-toothed Rick James wannabe manages to ruin and then save a bachelor party in the span of five minutes. — Greg Whitt

3. Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice & Tommy Davidson as MC Hammer

It only made sense that two of rap’s biggest stars at the time, who many felt made a mockery of Hip Hop, would in turn be parodied as well. From the looks of things, Jim Carrey could very well have given Vanilla Ice a run for his money in a dance battle. For the sneakerheads, peep the kicks Carrey is rocking. Wouldn’t it be nice if they retro’d those? We digress however. A real funny dance-off would’ve been between Carrey & Tommy Davidson’s scrawny ass, swimming in those damn Hammer pants. — Teef

4. Dirty Dozens Tournament of Champions

Featuring competitors with names like Amfeny as well as trash talking guests like Biz Markie and Ed O’Neil, the Dirty Dozens would unquestionably be my favorite game show of all time, were it real (move over, Double Dare!). The jokes would live on for years in every schoolyard across America, but nearly as hilarious and rarely mentioned was the host with his slick segues like “Now that’s one stupid mama!” and “Mama’s a big ol greasy ho.” Common folk like you and I may never float into a room in a Barcalounger carried by musclebound women, but thanks to In Living Color, when in need of an insult we can all activate our inner T-Dog Jenkins. — Trackstar The DJ

5. Cephus & Reesie Mayweather Promote Their New Musical

You choose the funniest part of this clip. The fact David Alan Grier and Kim Wayans went by the names Cephus & Reesie Mayweather? It being a subliminal jab to BeBe & CeCe Winans? Or their musical’s title, Get Off The Lord’s Bus If You Ain’t Got Correct Change, being the greatest this world had seen until Smoke DZA gave us George Kush The Button? All three combined make these impossible to keep a stale face. — J. Tinsley

6. Ike Strikes Back

America’s most famous domestic abuser goes down in sketch comedy history here. The entire clip is controversial, highly offensive, but most of all funny as hell. Had TSS been around in the early ‘90s, David Alan Greir would have gotten his own Notable Quotable for this impersonation of Ike Turner remaking Tina’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”
“Why take yo’ lip when a lip can’t be broken?” *dead* — J. Tinsley

7. Carl “The Tooth” Williams Goes To Court

Tommy Davidson and Jamie Foxx have to be one of the top two or three duos from In Living Color. Their chemistry together was more than apparent and not many had more comical moments than when Carl “The Tooth” Williams – a shot at “Iron” Mike Tyson – went to court for a paternity test. The entire scene was packed with one punchline after another and one that was so funny Davidson couldn’t hide his laughter at the 3:35 mark. — J. Tinsley

8. Star Trek: The Wrath Of Farrakhan

Ever wonder what would happen if Louis Farrakhan would’ve boarded the Starship Enterprise? All hell breaking loose, that’s what. While Damon Wayans handling of the Nation Of Leader was spot on, the real winner here was Jim Carrey whose over-exaggerated Captain Kirk mannerisms were enough to put everything over the top. — — J. Tinsley

9. “Home Alone Again” With Michael Jackson

For the generation of the day, this would parody Justin Bieber but once upon time, there was a boy named Macaulay Culkin who did a couple of popular movies and made billions of bucks. His television counterpart, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, guest starred as the boy left “home alone” as Tommy Davidson clearly slandered the King of [Lolli]Pop’s character all through the clip. “We can blow Bubbles?” Yeah, not even the legendary Michael Jackson was safe from the writer’s wrath. — TC

10. “Amazing Grace in Rocky VI”

It would have taken quite the performance to overshadow Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Sly Stallone’s brain dead underdog. Kim Wayans was definitely up for the challenge when she morphed into the celebrity psychopath, Grace Jones. Swinging in the ring while howling “Slave to the Rhythm” = Laugh T.K.O. — TC

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