Highlights From Peter King’s Reddit AMA

07.22.13 4 years ago 46 Comments


I want to thank all the KSK readers who took part in Peter King’s “Ask Me Anything” session over on Reddit earlier today. It was a glorious collective work of trolling, made even better by the fact that for a while PK was answering questions designed to mock him, until he finally caught on and only stuck to replying to the most inoffensive NFL queries.

Let’s review the most memorable interactions between readers and the Kinglandia founder.


I don’t think this is Peter King having a sense of humor or self-awareness or what have you. He’s dead serious about wanting to be a full-time Peet’s correspondent. He probably runs this by the brass at SI every few weeks. We all know it.


PK trying hard to pretend that he is no longer aware of KSK or perhaps he’s just that clueless. Either way, we’re Sissing Kuzy Solber now. Update your RSS feeds.


We are pretty depressing, though.


Lots going on here: Peter King responding seriously to a PFT Commenter question about a dog football team. Him putting a Corgi at quarterback. SB Nation has covered the important topic of dog football teams. Suffice it to say, PK putting golden retrievers at wideout has everything to do with Air Bud.



PK doesn’t know lofty? PK invented lofty. I don’t know who Peter King is anymore. Having your own website changed you, man.


Peter King is really into gun control, so not surprising that he favors the shushes before bullets approach. Still, there are no dumb questions when it comes to the Acela Quiet Car. Only dumb NOISES.



Back when Peter King was just a nugget-sized lad, his father went out for a foul ball and never returned. PK just knew that if he got a foul ball himself, he could get his dad to return.


Jaguars fan and occasional KSK contributor @BurritoBrosShit gets PK to bite.


Not the first person to call out PK on his Aaron Hernandez doubletalk, but it’s still great to see PK squirm when called on it. Also, that he still hasn’t come up with a better defense than “I see nothing wrong with those contradictory statements.”


KSK kommenter Fek with the impressive double troll. Gets PK to look silly expressing his frequently dropped preference in beer. At the same time, we still have to read it for the thousandth time.


Not really a trolling question, per se, but Peter King predicting good things for a team might as well be condemning them to despair.

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