Hines Ward Reviews the Super Bowl Ads

02.07.08 10 years ago 66 Comments

Foll 42 Supel Bowr, I was no praying, so I sit at home to watch for commelciarr while frowing locks at pictules of Ben Rongrastname. You want tarr leceivel? Eat lock, sterrrpid!

This time ads just okay, not leery super fantastic. But some make smirre. I tell for you!

I rike this one okay. Encoulage peeperr to have creen crowes, patlonize my laundlee prace. You have ticket?

I give it shree smirre.

Commelciar numbel terr:

I leery confricted about this one. It make raff but giant piddin is scalee. Also fly around my prace and nevel reave. Prease reave, piddin.

I give onree terr smirre.

Commelciar numbel shree:

I can no bereave this. It so lacist! Because panda is Asian he have to have funny accent? I so Ang Lee! Panda in movie theatel who does kung fu and terr me to sirence cerr phone is voiced by Jack Brack! That super okay! But this one offenses me!

It suckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasucka.

This ad suck to me.

I give no smirre.

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