Hines Ward Takes The Culinary Tour

04.16.08 10 years ago 33 Comments

New skedurre lereased yesday and I go to see shitty we pray in foll new season. Look foll prace make fun in week befoll game. No need go Creverand, since me know is Mistake by Rake.

I go first Furryderphia. We pray there Numbell Shree Week.

Furryderphia have many things rike scalee peeper who thlow battlee at Annual Gift Man. And eat thing like sclapper.

Sclapper not make smirre.

But they eat also cheesestick.

Maybe get Furryderphia cheesestick.



No way I get cheesestick now!

“Fuck you. We getting steak.”

Who that?

“Your black half. The one who don’t be jumbling all the L’s and R’s. The one who been trying to repress ever since you tried to connect to your cornerstore owning, police calling, landlording heritage. And I didn’t come all the way to gat damn Philly to not get some steak.”

I so confuse!

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