40 Slanderous Facts About Your Favorite Rappers As Told To Us By Google

03.31.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Google’s Autocomplete feature works wonders by saving us time and keystrokes. It also can be a source of laughter when suggestions are made according to the search activity of all web users. Out of curiosity, we decided to see what Autocomplete could teach us about different rap artists. The results were a hybrid mix of tragedy and comedy that could only be created by the rappers who inspire them.

1. French Montana is a garbage Muslim.

2. Wiz Khalifa is nothing because he’s terrible and dead.

3. Jay-Z is an ugly gay Freemason

4. Snoop Dogg is a dead Islamic Crip.

5. Pusha T is a wack Jamaican who is ready for beef with Drake.

6. Lupe Fiasco is an Islamic idiot.

7. Joe Budden is Black, broke, crazy and addicted to God knows what.

8. T.I. is a fake, a snitch and part of the Illuminati. He’s also a free agent if you’re looking to sign him.

9. Papoose is a wack Blood who also holds the title as the corniest rapper alive.

10. Andre 3000 is an overrated genius who holds the title as best rapper alive.

11. Azealia Banks is an annoying, ugly, wack bisexual.

12. Tyler, The Creator is gay, wack, weird and ugly.

13. Camron is a bisexual, broke Dominican snitch.

14. Chief Keef is a 17-year-old wack homosexual in jail.

15. Lil B is not just a joke but he’s also a gay troll who’s your friend.

16. Rick Ross is a scared, fake, fat Haitian.

17. Big Sean is an ugly, wack midget.

18. Kanye West is a racist ugly gay fish who’s not the father of Kim Kardashian’s baby.

19. J. Cole is boring.

20. Kendrick Lamar is an overrated wack Blood.

21. Curren$y is wack but he’s also the best rapper.

22. DMX is a crazy and broke homosexual.

23. Nicki Minaj is fake, ugly and wack.

24. Lil Wayne is a dead fake Blood.

25. Drake is soft, fake, Jewish and ugly.

26. Rocko is Future’s brother.

27. Future is Haitian.

28. Lloyd Banks is an underrated Puerto Rican

29. Tony Yayo is a Haitian who’s the worst rapper ever.

30. Birdman is an ugly, gay diplomat who happens to be a Blood.

31. Bun B is a dead professor teaching at Rice University.

32. Big Boi is an underrated Libertarian.

33. Young Jeezy is a snitching fake Crip.

34. Trinidad Jame$ is ugly and wack.

35. Eminem is a dead Christian who is also the best rapper.

36. Snoop Lion is a stupid gay joke.

37. Dr. Dre is a huge, dead homosexual real doctor.

38. Gucci Mane is a fat retard.

39. 2 Chainz is a 42-year-old horrible and wack homosexual.

40. A$AP Mob is a gay gang.

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