Hip-Hop History In Adhesives: Classic Rap Stickers

07.18.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

In early June, Next aka “The Hip-Hop Hoarder” hit me up with news that he was moving offices. Looking to shed a bit of excess before packing things up, the creative director & Mr-Do-Everything at Amalgam Digital mentioned having boatloads of vinyl, cassettes, stickers, collectibles and other promo materials collected over several years service in the music industry and wanted to send “a few stickers” to me because he knew I’d appreciate them based off previous sticker entries.
Congratulations to Next as the winner of the understatement of the year award on multiple levels. What the homie sent was a package of stickers that could easily help fill a time capsule and point to the growth and change our music and culture have gone through. Within this batch of stickers, there’s forgotten future stars, old ‘zines and stores which no longer exist alongside a mix of people and ideas who transformed into larger than life entities.
I’ll save you the full story and my ramblings, choosing instead to let you do exactly what I did while viewing each sticker: try to recall each one’s placement on Hip-Hop’s timeline. Remember songs, albums and artists being promoted. Maybe identify the whereabouts of a few of the artists. There’s tons of nostalgia capture on sticky paper here.
Again, shouts out to Next for the delivery and also for the final two full group shots seen in the slides. One of the crazier aspects of all of this is that Next still has times infinity more stickers sitting in his new office. Check his Tumblr for more photos for goodies and photos.

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