Hipsters Throughout History (And Links)

05.04.12 5 years ago

10 Shows that Netflix Should Revive Before ‘Jericho’ |Warming Glow|

ROFLMNBAO: The 2011-12 Season Awards Edition! |With Leather|

15 Inappropriate Instagrams As Inappropriate As Rihanna’s Inappropriate Instagrams |UPROXX|

Avengers Review: We have a Hulk! And not much else! But a Hulk is enough. |Film Drunk|

Did VH1 “Behind The Music” Crack Biggie’s Murder Case? |Smoking Section|

‘Gosling And Booker’ Is The Web Comic Series The Internet’s Been Begging For |UPROXX|

Jimmy Fallon And Amy Poehler Star In More Fake Movie Posters For Movies That Should Be Real |UPROXX|

Expendables 2 Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger beats up a smart car |Film Drunk|

Kate Upton Is Getting A Trading Card And We Think We Know Why |With Leather|

Joss Whedon Fans Need to Stop Complaining |Warming Glow|

The 30 Best Celebrity Name Puns |Buzzfeed|

25 Ways Jason Stathan Can Kill You |Unreality|

Every Superhero Origin Story Ever |College Humor|

19 Superheroes With WTF Superpowers |HuffPost Comedy|

Shark Gets Outfitted with (Frickin’) Laser Beam |Technabob|

There’s a Horror Movie Based on a Guy Finding a Box of Smut |Brobible|

What if the Game of Thrones characters had Dungeons & Dragons alignments? |Fark|

The 10 Most Anticipated Anti-Blockbuster Movies of the Summer Blockbuster Season |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Go right, a supercut of classic side-scroller video games. |Thanks to 5 Second Films for the tip.|

[Pictures via Mike Mitchell and Final Ellipsis.]

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