Hollywood Floss – “Extra Sleep 1”

07.11.10 7 years ago 19 Comments

First to arrive, last to leave/now run along, grasshopper, while I master my chi/Master MC, the one-and-only rap Bruce Lee/with enough Nike sneakers to outkick Chun Li.”

With lines like those, it’s hard to believe that some people are still sleeping on Houston’s Hollywood Floss. Bringing an army of underground H-town MCs for “Extra Sleep 1,” one of the closing tracks off his House Of Dreams EP, the young lyricist’s middle-of-the-tune verse shines. Anointing the song’s pinnacle by creating a breeding ground of punchlines, his soprano flow bounces off a whirring horn sample and a rough bass beat more characteristic of the east coast than the gulf coast. And with that, Floss is giving listeners another double shot of lyrical espresso that’ll make you pay attention this time around.

Hollywood Floss Rob Jay, hasHBrown, John Dew and Kidd the Great – “Extra Sleep 1” | Download

Floss’ House Of Dreams is available on iTunes now.

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