Holy Hell, What A Day Of Football

01.12.13 5 years ago 34 Comments

Things may have gotten out of hand late in the Packers-49ers game, but it’s fair to state that there were seven or eight quarters of amazing football today, depending on whether you want to count that second overtime in the first game. Compare that to last weekend when there was perhaps a quarter of interesting football in the Redskins-Seahawks game before RGIII got hurt. Even that might be generous. Either way, this was a huge improvement.

The prospect of a Harbaugh Bowl remains all too terrifying and real, but if it means more watchable games than I suppose we can all get over it. Besides, the Harbs brothers still aren’t any closer to the Super Bowl than they were last year. They can still both screw this up in the conference title games again. So if the possibility of the two of them growling at each other at SB Media Day remains alive for another week, at least that possibility prevented Peyton Manning from making us reevaluate his reputation as a playoff failure and Packers players from starring in a host of new commercials between now and the Super Bowl.

I may have to revisit this joy if Seattle and New England win tomorrow, setting up a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game and the Troll Bowl between Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh.

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