Homely QBs Separated At Birth

12.13.10 7 years ago 62 Comments

Some folks will wonder why we’re not starting the live blog earlier in the evening to accommodate the rescheduled and relocated Giants-Vikings game. To them, I say, “I am sorry. We are not made of live blog.” So it’s just the later, actually nationally televised game that we’re focusing on tonight. But feel free to use this as an open thread for Ford Field roof implode-a-polooza.

Not that we’re sticklers for order or anything, but trying to live blog two games at once will make it an even more jumbled, incoherent mess than our live blogs already are. That said, if Brett Favre does play and suffers a catastrophic injury UPDATE: NO GUNSLINGING TONIGHT!, there’s no reason people shouldn’t make an exultant note of it.

As for Ravens-Texans… uh…don’t Matt Schaub and Joe Flacco look like really fugly siblings? Flacco got the better of the hair genes, both on the head and the brow, while Schaub is generally just a better quarterback. Fair trade, I guess. In more indulgent matters, Ufford and I are going against each other in fantasy playoffs. I’m up 17 with the Ratbird defense (best available on the waiver wire this week) while he’s starting Boldin. With him against the extremely porous Texans defense, I feel no comfort whatsoever.

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