Honey Badger Is Back, Y’all

10.16.13 4 years ago 16 Comments


Much like Adam Jones did with the “Pacman” moniker, Tyrann Mathieu tried to distance himself from the “Honey Badger” nickname he had when playing in college once it became synonymous with him doing stupid things and smoking tons of weed.

Now, here we are, six games into what has so far been a promising rookie season for Mathieu in Arizona and it looks as though he’s ready to bring the Honey Badger persona back.

For those without a degree in zoology, a javelina is a member of the pig family that occasionally runs afoul of actual honey badgers. Given the region, it’s also possible that the phrase is slang for doing peyote. It’s always fun to go into the mountains and do that. Or… so I hear.

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