“Honey Brown” Proves That The Game Needs Yelawolf

06.11.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

At his absolute best, Yelawolf represents a genre intersection. Don’t fret, though. “Honey Brown” is a rap song to the core, but between the southern twang in DJ Paul’s guitar-friendly beat and Yela’s sing-songy beat, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking of some grungy pop-country. On paper, that might sound like some moving pieces that don’t necessarily belong together, but in practice? You either love it or you don’t know how to vibe. That simple.

The song really illustrates how, when he’s making moves, Yelawolf occupies a lane in rap that nobody else does. Always true to his southern roots but diverse enough to sound at home next to any number of established artist, it’s hard to name another rapper quite like Yela. But calling yourself a ‘Wolf fan is frustrating.

Make no mistake, I appreciate the bite-size, tag-team EPs as much as the next guy (Slumdon Bridge was a highlight that still gets the occasional play and Psycho White was also very good). But that trend of releasing one four-or-five track EP (that Yela is generally co-starring on) per year isn’t doing his talent justice. This career could (and probably should) be something so much bigger.

No word on if this is a loosie or something a bit more important. We’ve been reporting that Love Story is coming soon for over six months now. I’m looking forward to the day when I can forgo that ambiguity in the name of an actual, concrete date.

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