Hot Quarterbacks Might Not Want Anything to Do With Garcia After That One

12.09.08 9 years ago 20 Comments

Not a whole lot of the Matron Saint tonight, but there were a number of delightful announcer gaffes to go along with 3,000 rushing yards by the Panthers. And while the run game was dominant, the Carolina fan souvenir cup passing game was on-target when aimed at Steve Young.

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Not too many amusing crowd shots in this one, probably because you have to give a shit about your team to act stupid in support of them. Still, the Freddy costume is one of the more puzzling we’ve seen on Monday nights this year. If nothing else, he may have served as a chilling reminder not to doze off during this game.

Wigs of any sort seem to be big among Panthers fans. “Carolina” blue ones, sparkly ones, generic weaves, you name it and Carolina fans will rock it in Bank of America Stadium. And the painted whiskers aren’t anymore alluring on an overweigh hausfrau than they are on any number of creepy man-children.

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