‘How Am I Supposed To Report The News When I AM The News?’

04.12.11 6 years ago 46 Comments

Jenn Sterger is back in the news after she gave an exclusive interview to ABC’s “Good Morning America.” I don’t really think it’s fair to call it an “exclusive” when only one media outlet seems to care, but since NBC and CBS have megadeals with the NFL, one could make an argument as to whether that’s actually the case (actually, so does ABC, since Disney owns ESPN. Forget I said that).

Sterger looks hot here. And sad, which is my favorite kind of hot. I’m sure George Stephanopoulos just put an arm over her shoulder after the interview and said, “Hey baby, everything’s gonna be alright.” Bow chicka wow-owwww.

That isn’t to say that I’m not sympathetic, but Sterger dug her own grave in my opinion. She claims that she never met Brett Favre (which I believe) and that she wasn’t looking for money (which I don’t). A smear campaign backfired in her face and now she’s basically unhireable. Who would have thought that mishandling privileged information would have been such a prerequisite for journalism?

[Deadspin/ABC News.]

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