How Much Do You Want to Pay for “Amy?”

01.09.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

You may not have heard about “Amy”, but it’s one of a wave of downloadable titles that promises to make 2012 interesting and us at Gamma Squad busy with reviews.

The basic concept is, well, “Resident Evil 4” with less shooting: you’re escorting a psychic little girl through a zombie apocalypse. But right now, what’s catching attention is the price?

The problem is basically foreign exchange rates: on XBLA, it’ll run you 800 Microsoft Points, which is ten euros in Smelly Cheese Land and ten bucks here. But on PSN, it’ll be $13, thanks to exchange rates and Sony having some basic common sense. So, the developer is having a poll for PSN users: pay $13 and get it at the same time as XBLA, or pay $10 and have it come out later.

Guess what’s winning! So, if you were looking forward to “Amy”, and want it on PS3, get ready to wait.

[ via the cheapskates at Kotaku ]

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