How Much Has Child’s Play Raised For 2010?

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So, you might remember Child’s Play, the charity founded by the Penny Arcade guys, and how it tends to raise lots of money for children’s hospitals and the like. It’s also tended to be fairly successful, raising more and more every year. How’s it doing this year?

So far, over $1 million and counting, a new record. Most of that isn’t the Penny Arcade guys; they just set up the architecture and find the hospitals, although their yearly dinner and auction ran up $183,000 in two hours. Among the items auctioned off were an awesome Portal Gun prop (raising over $15,000) and the Omega Claw from PAX. Meanwhile, the masochists at LoadingReadyRun delivered a $200,000 check, the results of their long hours of playing “Desert Bus”, God help them.

Child’s Play is still ongoing, if you’d like to make a donation, check out

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