How To Save Money While Flying

01.18.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

The idea of flying breeds headaches, as the whole routine has become more necessary evil to be endured than a convenience. To be exact, it’s become an expensive annoyance with airlines charging fees in excess. The industry’s cries of financial struggles seem like a fleece when they’re reporting their highest gains in a decade. Will they drop prices as a result of profits? Highly unlikely, therefore travelers have to find ways to get back a few bucks and a recent article shared a few tips.

Buy on Tuesday afternoon

The best time to buy a ticket is at 3 p.m. Tuesday, according to analysis from Rick Seaney at Most airlines publish their sales on Tuesday afternoon and tend to pull them by Thursday. Buying a ticket from your laptop on Saturday afternoon virtually assures a higher fare.

Fly on Wednesday

The cheapest day to fly domestic is Wednesday. Farecompare found Tuesday and Saturday round out the top three cheapest days to fly. Friday and Sunday, no surprise, are the most expensive.

Pardon me while I go do a bit of clicking. According to article, today is a good day to book my March fare for SXSW.

How To Outsmart The Airlines [CNN]

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