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Arelis Matos2

Arelis Matos

How Well Do The Golden Globes Predict The Academy Awards? [Hollywood Reporter]

Vining While Driving: The Deadly Trend Millions Are Watching [Mashable]

Snoop Dogg Tackles Youth Football Concussions, Details White House Visit [HHDX]

Twitter Fell In Love with CBS Sports Hottie Allie LaForce On Saturday Night [BroBible]

Reddit Is Naming A Baby, And For Some Reason It Isn’t A Catastrophe [Daily Dot]

How ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Wrecked Hollywood [Forbes]

Passing The Torch: The Best & Worst Hip-Hop Protégés [Urban Daily]

10 Ridiculous Ads From Before We Knew Cigarettes Were Unhealthy [Enpundit]

Lamborghini Teams Up With Monster Audio For Veneno Roadster [Giant]

What’s, Like, The Craziest Sh*t You’ve Ever Seen [Gawker]

Russell Simmons Confuses Ariel Sharon With Shimon Peres On Twitter [Hip-Hop Wired]

Victims In Doe B Shooting Suing Venue; Claim Bouncers Were Bribed [AHH]

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