Hugh Douglas Arrested For Assault, Claims He Was Having Rough Sex (Mugshot)

09.25.13 4 years ago 32 Comments


(Via TMZ i think. Not sure)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Hugh Douglas got arrested again. Technically it is his first arrest but I mean come on. This time, Hugh got locked up in Hartford, CT for choking a woman and slamming her head into a wall which sounds just all kinds of serious, the woman is ok physically though which is better than I can say for Hugh. More like Hugh Jeater if you ask me.

He denies it was a assault and said the two were just having “rough sex” but it sounds more like this would fall under Mike Vicks definition of “Doggystyle” then yours or mine folks.

Douglas spent the last 6 months telling the world that “Numbers Never Lie” so you can do the math when it comes to 2nd degree strangulation and 3rd degree assault after he drank a 5th of Hypnotiq .

For those whore wondering,, 2nd degree strangulation aka “(Rahim) Moores law”,, is when you choke but you werent meaning to choke, so Douglas is a repeat offender dating back to Superbowl XXXIX and he can expect the Hartford judge to throw the book at him.

He was recently booted from the show ESPN for calling his colleague Michael Smith a “Uncle Tom” even though rappers use it in songs all the time but Douglas was to polite to sue for wrongful termination. Its been a pretty bad 6 weeks for Douglas and now with his own personal of “50 Shades of Grey Goose,”  its only getting worse folks.

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