Humpday Mashup Dump

Entertainment Editor

Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of
In the offing for today:

  1. FIRST VIDEO: The Mario Brothers, GTA IV style. Sh*t just got real. [via Urlesque]
  2. SECOND VIDEO: “MonsTHOR, Inc.”  Aung Myin Ko mashes up the Thor trailer with Monsters, Inc. [via THD]
  3. THIRD VIDEO: Star Wars + Doctor Who = I’d watch that [via ToplessRobot]
  4. FOURTH VIDEO: LEGO + first person shooter bloodbath = Block Ops [via Kotaku]
  5. PICTURE AT RIGHT: Grand Theft Kart [via Geekstir]
  6. PICTURE ABOVE: One of the five awesome sci-fi children’s books by Caldwell Tanner at CollegeHumor.

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