Humpday Mashup Dump

06.29.11 6 years ago

Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of
In the offing for today:

  1. Clint Eastwood fights Aliens and Predators [via ToplessRobot]
  2. “My Little Serenity, a mashup of My Little Pony and Firefly. [via EpicPonyz]
  3. Spongebob Squarepants synched up with Blur’s “Song 2”. [via HYST]
  4. There’s a Disney version of Boogie Nights?  I don’t think you understand the magic that is on those tapes, man. [There’s also a There Will Be Blood version of this over at Nerdcore.]
  5. Banner picture via fyeahdementia.
  6. Inset picture by Scott Watson [via ComicsAlliance]

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