I Do Dis Ish – For Da Innanet

03.07.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

Perhaps the most delightful piece of YouTube ephemera from this past season was this lispy and ridiculous narration of a Greg Jennings touchdown catch and run in Madden. Take a moment to relive all the DARREN SHAWPWAWS and F*CK YOU GUMBYS. Because it’s not like we didn’t reference the video every time Darren Sharper or Jennings did something the last three months of the season.

While the video was hilarious and well-known among blog readers, it wasn’t a viral hit to the extent that you could toss out a PUTTING THE TEAM ON MAH FUGGIN BACK, DOH in casual conversation and have your average person know what you’re talking about. Oh, why must the IRL world be such a fractured and isolating place?

But then, this past weekend someone asked Jennings if he knew about the clip and the receiver answered joyously in the affirmative. Teammates loved it. Falcons DB Thomas DeCoup even razzed Jennings about the video during the Packers’ postseason drubbing of Atlanta. HUZZAH! THE PLAYERS TOTALLY GET OUR SENSE OF HUMOR AND WANT TO HAVE US OVER FOR PIZZA! We don’t have to feel so dumb and alone anymore!

Anyway, I suppose the tale of this video has reached its logical conclusion until Gumby stars in a Tosh.0 Internet redemption segment a year and a half from now.

video via Will Brinson

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