“I Gotta Know You Now…”

02.22.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

“…We may never meet again.”

Strike up the band! SxSW is less than a month away.

That means The Grand Ole Party is close to a round-two kick-off. That means a family reunion of bootleggers that prefer to call themselves tastemakers, thank you very much, is nearing a conglomerate of noteworthy proportions. And that really means you are slacking if you haven’t yet bought your plane ticket to Austin.

I bought my ticket a month ago, and I still don’t know where I’m staying or who’s picking me up from the airport. But I do know that I’m going to be in good company with Gotty™ and the Crew and whoever of you make the wise decision to join us for great music and endless cheer.

So for those of you waffling on increasing flight prices* and lack of a plan, I dedicate this song to you — a tune from when Amy was still audibly healthy and had the powerhouse voice of Lauryn, Whitney and all the other crazies that fell off the edge of the planet. Before she went back to black and rejected rehab. When all she wanted was to strike while the iron was hot and meet someone when the opportunity presented itself. Because it would be worth it.

Carpe diem.

*OED… Teef… I’m looking at you.


Download — Amy Winehouse – “Know You Now”

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