I Never Get To See Kill Kill Kill At The Zoo

02.27.12 6 years ago 36 Comments

If there’s an overriding theme to this edition of Kill! Kill! Kill!, it’s the virtue of sticking with your own kind. But that might be loosely interpreted as racial commentary, so we’ll have to stick with sweet animal slaughter as the idea we’re driving at.

Up top, a bird beards the lions in their den (btw, an idiom I’ve never fully understood) to less than desirable results. The fact that it’s the lionness who makes the kill robs me of an opportunity to make a cheap Ndamukong Suh joke. We’ll just have to imagine it as Jim Schwartz’s overly violent home life.

Below, we see a gator straying too far into Hippo ‘Hood. While you could think of that as any Florida player getting mauled, I like the image of Tebow paying the ultimate price for trying to cut off a line of defensive lineman at the buffet. Get ’em, Wilfork.

[Oopity! A commenter points out that’s a crocodile. Well there goes that lazy joke. You’d think my Crocodile Mile expertise would have enabled me to make that distinction, but just shows to go ya that a Slip ‘n’ Slide rip-off isn’t the tool for learning we it thought it might be.]

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