“I Should Tell Ya Mama On You…”

01.23.09 9 years ago 29 Comments

This shit has been out for a minute, but I have give this dude Red love on TSS.

HVW8 is an art gallery off Melrose in Los Angeles — a dope little spot that shows a lot of love to local acts. I don’t know the full back story of how or why a homeless man named Red showed up at the back entrance of the gallery — armed with a wish, a prayer, an ill-ass funky beatbox and quite possibly a broken sternum — and I don’t know how we get this man signed, but I do know he concludes his shit talking about “I’m not computer savvy” and asking Warren G to sign him.

Now, I’m not sure Warren would be the most choice person to seek — in fact, Warren might could do with Red’s help — but after seeing this, Red’s wish is my command…

Warren. Family. From the bottom of my heart… I implore you to watch this. And I pray you’re a bit more computer savvy than this man.

Built-in Vocodor, fam?! I need/want lessons. I hear a rumor HVW8 is trying to get Red to do an album. I hope that’s true, on account of I got “I Should Tell Ya Mama On You” stuck in my head on a most serious level. Notable quoteables for days. You’re about to start your weekend off right with one of Red’s lines emblazoned in your brain, like, “Smokin on that granddaddy/ Make you wanna slap ya grandmammy/ Make you wanna hit that laffy taffy…” “Here we go aaaagain/ Me and my lonesome ass friends…” “We about to get hyphy with it/ You claim that you don’t like me, quit it” and of course, the entire female name breakdown.

Have a good weekend, TSS and Warren G… who I like to believe is watching this.

Enjoy Red at HVW8 again here.

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