Ice JJ Fish Goes In On His Only Competition By Releasing Drake Diss Record

02.28.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

Ice JJ Fish tosh0

Perhaps for light skinned supremacy or some other reason we’re unaware of, Ice JJ Fish stopped by Chicago’s WGCI today and dropped a freestyle over Drake’s “All Me” called “Iced Out.” In the scathing freestyle, the YouTube sensation — real name Daniel Mcloyd — goes in on the Canadian rapper, calling him “lame” and a “bitch nigga.” Lil Wayne also catches a bit of Fish’s fury, accusing both he and Drake of “kissin’ up” on each other.

This for you p*ssy *ss n*ggas that’s in the game and shit man.
I don’t play no f**kin’ games n*gga
This f**kin Ice JJ Fish around this hoe

B*tch I’m out the chain, I’m out the chain
Drake, you a lame, you a f**kin lame
You should know my name, you should know my name
Yea I run the game, it’s a shame
These weak *ss n*ggas in the game
It’s a shame
Talkin bout all this weak *ss shit
Man f**k your chain
Your b*tch gon give me brain
And my n*ggas gon run a train
Man I don’t play around in this thang
You over there kissin’ up on Lil Wayne
That shit is so gay. I don’t f**k with that gay sh*t
I’m over here tryna think ’bout ways just to f**k your b*tch
B*tch n*gga this what the f**k I’m sayin n*gga
This ain’t no fuckin lil kid nigga
I’m a grown *ss man n*gga I ain’t playin’ ’round this thing
If you wanna fight me, I’ll throw them thangs
n*gga I ain’t playin…. man

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