Icewear Vezzo Aims Beyond Detroit Street Status With ‘The Clarity 3’ Mixtape

06.06.14 3 years ago


People in Detroit are all about Icewear Vezzo. There’s a reason for that.

Anyone familiar with the boastful, iced-out and relatively basic sound of 313 street rap can vouch to the fact our trap-meets-Bay Area style is somewhat unique to the city, for better or worse. That being said, this Eastside representative has been delivering that specific sound as well as anyone for a few years. Now, Vezzo looks to take that local brand beyond the region with The Clarity 3, his most notable project to date.

Cohesive almost to a fault, nearly every track feels reminiscent of the old days of when the Eastside Chedda Boyz, Rock Bottom and Street Lordz ruled local radios. For example, see “Ghetto Boy,” which is basically of an amalgamation of all the aforementioned group’s biggest hits. Yet, there’s more to Vezzo than most of the rappers from Detroit’s past.

Throughout this high-powered project, the 313 boss uses extreme dedication and an invigorated flow to show he’s grinding at maximum for more than just money. On stand-out tracks like “Mandatory” and the Eminem-flipping “Broke NoMo,” Icewear explains how dependable soldiers do whatever is necessary for survival, viciously using spiked punchlines at will and hashtag rap with no remorse. Although there are a few too many songs and guest features who might want to stay behind the scenes, this release properly displays Vezzo as an authentic and realistic voice for the Motor City streets.

Download the project below and see if The D mindset is one you can relate to, as well.

DownloadIceWear Vezzo – The Clarity 3

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