If Death Panels Were Real…

08.30.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

The fact that comedian Jon Stewart was recently proclaimed “America’s most trusted newsman” as the result of a Time magazine online poll really speaks to the state of our mainstream media’s coverage of the news. With all ten of the 24-hour news channels scrounging for something to talk about, it has left our country with a massive amount of people talking and only a select few being heard. Unfortunately, the ones being heard are the ones who concoct the most outrageous statements and interpretations of source material for their audience.

The latest way that newscasters and politicians have caught our attention is with their assertion that Obama’s healthcare reform contained a page that promoted the idea of “death panels,” where a group of government officials will arrive at your house to decide whether or not you are fit to carry on breathing at a certain age. The most notable name to speak on the issue is former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who wrote a “note” on her Facebook profile that attacked Obama for his “evil” program that would possibly deem her child not suitable for medical care. The same network that originally propagated this idea has since aired a man quickly debunking their ill-informed interpretations. This was of course, after the bill-makers had already taken out the page concerning the counseling of elderly people about their end of life decisions, due to an outrage across America from the misled public in the form of town hall meetings.

Unfortunately, this kind of sloppy journalism has left a lot of the country spiteful towards our newscasters and has led them to relying on a satirist who used to work at MTV and currently resides on Comedy Central to hold the title of “America’s most trusted newsman.”

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