15 'If You Watch It Backwards' Variations Arguably More Compelling Than The Original Movie

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08.16.12 14 Comments

“If You Watch It Backwards, It’s About…” has been around for a while (since 2009 to be exact) but the idea of Clint Eastwood as a racist zombie just reminded me how much I enjoy the buried gem of a meme so I was thinking we could all dedicate a few minutes of our Thursday in August to having/re-visiting a laugh over the concept.

The truth is in today’s age of anti-heroes and ambiguous closure most films would be improved — or at least made a helluva lot more compelling — if they were about the characters devolving as opposed to discovering the hidden greatness in themselves. That’s not the case in all of these I’ve inlcuded — Reservoir Dogs is one of my favorites — but you get the idea.

Oh, why yes, my contribution for the new Total Recall movie does make the list. Thanks for asking.

Source: Know Your Meme


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