(C)Rank That – ’98 Edition: Def Squad Vs. Terror Squad Remakes

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When you decide to remake one of the most influential rap songs of all time, you better do it right.

So like I told TC, Def Squad came correct with their remake in ’98.

When it came time for Reggie, Erick Sermon and the ‘baby of the bunch,’ Keith Murray, to record their version of Sugarhill Gang’s archetypal “Rapper’s Delight,” they didn’t do much more than tweak the original.

Aside from it becoming the trios only real hit, it was (and is) the only reason I can spit just about every single word to the almost 7-minute song when I hear it get play at clubs with taste.

Word to my youth.

Words By TC


True, Def Squad did successfully make a “true old school” gem sound relevant but Pun & Joe shaaat on the original Deep Cover like their was no original. And like Pat M. said, when it gets to that “Lil’ Italy, middleman rhyme,” END game. Even Snoop was in the video showing love. I gave you fair warning Beware, Deep Cover ’98 is killin’ anything “delightful.” Grit over gloss homie.

Def Squad – Def Squad Delite


Big Pun & Fat Joe – Deep Cover ’98

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