I’m Sorry, Jay Cutler

01.25.11 7 years ago 49 Comments

I’m sorry, Jay Cutler, that your toughness came into question while we were getting our asses handed to us by the Packers on Sunday. You had a Grade II sprain of your medial colateral ligament, which is the ligament that the banks take away when you don’t pay your medials on time. Are you having money problems, Jay? I’m always here to help you out, buddy. Look, there’s an ATM right over there.

Little did you realize, Jay Cutler, that as you stood on the sideline in the second half that members of your football fraternity would say mean things about you on the internet. I just want you to know that I would never have done such a thing, since it’s against league rules to tweet during games. I don’t understand how they could have said things about you like I might have done 18 months ago. I can say those things because we’re like a family, so it’s different. We’re a football family, with black babies and white babies. And when the babies misbehave or get too old, they’re killed. Babies don’t live forever, Jay.

I want you to know, Jay Cutler, that you are the toughest quarterback I have ever played with. That’s right. Tougher than Rex Grossman. Tougher than that guy with the beard. Tougher than Cade McNown. And yes, tougher than even the great Craig Krenzel. You are tougher than all of them, Jay, though I’m pretty sure Brad Maynard would own you in a barfight.

So I guess…have a good offseason, man. Try not to take any stairs or anything.

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