In Defense of Jerramy Stevens

03.14.07 11 years ago 38 Comments

I suppose that headline’s a bit of misnomer. I’m actually pretty happy that clown drunk drove himself off the Seahawks and onto a new team where he’ll get a nice little suspension and a league-minimum contract.

But I’m not here to call out our spoiled, self-entitled, idiot sports stars. I’m here to call out the hero-worshiping, holier-than-thou, dumbfuck sports fans.

Allow me to elaborate. Last season I posted an open letter to Jerramy Stevens that said, in essence, “I’ve tried really hard to cheer for you, but you’re just too much of a goddam jackass.” I wrote it in early November, after Stevens had a killer game against the Raiders in which he got flagged for a critical 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty, dropped a possible TD pass, and instigated the Tyler Brayton knee-groin incident.

In January, a commenter identifying himself as “C.P.” added this gem, directed at me and other commenters who happened to agree that Stevens was an immature boor whose play didn’t make up for his attitude (I’ve taken the liberty of adding sics, because it’s a nice easy way to make a person look even dumber):

What a bunch of jackasses…you all need to get out of your house [sic] more and get an actuall [sic] life!! So the guy made a few mistakes when he was younger!! Big F’n deal!! If we were all made to pay for mistakes we made while young and stupid even though we learned from them and no longer act iun [sic] that manner, where would we all be now. [sic] Give the guy a break. Maybe he needs to get his head on straight and start being a little more consistent, but he is big, stron [sic], athletic and when he is on he is one of the top players at his position!! I’m sickl [sic] of listening to asswipes like you beatin a guy down when it’s obvious what he needs is HOME FAN support, not more negativity from some hack football fan who want’s [sic] to lump his Jerramy’s career into a microcosm like the Raider game. Big deal!! He was all we had against the Cowboys and you should be damn fortunate we had him!!

Oh shit. I had no idea it was my lack of faith that made him suck. Let’s have a quick look at the mistakes Stevens made when he was young. And I guess 27 counts as young, because that’s his age now.

1998: Breaks man’s jaw with baseball bat.
2000: Accused of drugging and raping a 19-year-old girl at UW. Cleared of charges.
2001: Crashes car into retirement home, charged with hit-and-run.
2003: Charged with DUI after police find two half-empty champagne bottles in his car.
2006: $15,000 fine for instigating Bratton’s knee.
2007: Charged with DUI.

Wow, I wish I could not be blamed for my youthful mistakes that span almost a decade into my late 20s. So… where you at now, C.P.? Is this one my fault, too?

This grand “fuck you” goes not just to C.P., but to ALL sports fans who think their favorite pro athletes’ shit doesn’t stink. You all can head over to the all-you-can-eat cock buffet. I believe the Ray Lewis fans are already there.

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