Incongruous Adjective Time — LenWhale’s Conditioning: “Amazing”; Jared Allen’s Ass: “Phenomenal”

05.07.09 8 years ago 25 Comments

LenDale White claims to have dropped about 25 pounds since last season and is said to be in “amazing” shape. Does this downgrade him to LenOrca? LenGiantSquid? Is the switch to Kentucky Grilled Chicken that dramatic? Either way, it remains to be seen whether he can keep the weight off. This is the guy who eats the food opposing fans hurl at him.

Elsewhere, Jared Allen, being a lifelong wearer of the skinny Wranglers, is more than ready for the arrival of Favre.

“I grew up on a horse ranch. My dad trained horses for 30 years. I like to rock the cowboy hat. People seem to like it too. I’m either wearing a baseball hat or a cowboy hat. You know the tight jeans, you can’t wear boots with baggy jeans plus you got to use the tools in your toolbox and let’s be honest, I’ve got a phenomenal ass!”

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