This Infographic On The 7 Hottest Songs In 7 Cities Is Pretty Fascinating

02.13.14 4 years ago 51 Comments

hottest 7 songs part 1

Every rapper wants to be the man in his city. But thanks to Charlie Jabaley and the folks at DJ Service Pack , we have a pretty reliable look at the hottest songs in seven of the big rap hubs in the Country. This graphic was put together by various DJs, party promoters and record spins. Sure, this probably isn’t a full-proof look at what the definitive top songs are, but it does give a sense of who’s making waves.

Next time, let’s get NOLA in on this and see what’s good.

hottest songs atlanta

hot songs DMV

hot songs new york

chicago hot songs

hot songs san fran

hot songs LA

dallas houston hot songs

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