International Green Hornet Trailer Has Extra Scenes

Entertainment Editor

Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet has had a strange ride.  Its release date was moved to January and they decided later in production to convert it to 3D (ugh).  On the other hand, next summer is going to be full of comic book movies already, so releasing at a different time might work out, and a recent test screening went much better than expected:

According to one of my spies who was on hand, after the ratings cards were tabulated, the movie had scored a 93 rating in what is known as the top two boxes (the percentage of people saying the film was either excellent or very good) with 83% of the moviegoers saying they would “definitely recommend” the film to their friends. [LATimes via /film]

That source claims to have overheard Sony co-chair Amy Pascal talking about the possibility of a sequel.  I also hear the source said Seth Rogen is hilarious, Jay Chou is totally dreamy, publicists don’t get paid enough, and Sony executives are just the bestest.

Anyway, there’s a new international trailer with more scenes than the American one, with a focus on Kato’s badassery. Sorry for the low resolution and stupid border around the video. The better quality embed is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony Pictures Entertainment, who I picture sitting in a conference room saying, “People are voluntarily watching a commercial for our product, and it didn’t cost us anything. WE MUST STOP THIS TRAVESTY.”

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