Internet 101: Seven Movies Recast With Cats

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The one thing that will always play on the internet without fail is cats. This is fact. There have been studies. If there’s another thing it’s movie posters. Photoshops, minimals, re-imaginings, you name it. People f’n love movie posters. And if there’s a third thing it’s probably fetish porn. But not far behind that would be animal puns. With all that in mind I find it kind of hard to believe that this is the first collection of feline-centric remade movie posters I’ve seen on the world wide web.
From Next Movie — a newish (?) MTV site I’ve never heard of where someone has clearly taken a course on getting-your-name-out-there web marketing (moar kitties!) — comes “7 Movie Favorites Recast with Cats.” Favorites is a bit of a stretch. I’d only only call three of these favorites. The rest are middling to Twilight. And to deem Twilight a favorite is a furry paw in the face.
So yeah, these aren’t brilliant or anything, but they’ll pull us through a slow morning. Especially that one Reservoir Cat’s Buscemi impersonation. Talk about nailing it. He must have spent some time observing Steve from his stoop.
Next Movie via Buzzfeed

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