I interviewed for Mo Wilkerson’s pyramid scheme and got fired

04.25.14 3 years ago 27 Comments

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Let me see if I can get you fokls up to speed here. Yesterday New York Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson posted a cool picture to his instagram. The pic itself is actualy a illegal hit on Matt Schaub which i basicaly like putting a pic of you doing drugs on your IG account, so Ive sent it to Commisioner Roger Goodell since he should take action against this flaunting of ileagal activity.

But it wasnt realy the pic itself that stood out to me- it was the lucrative job oportunity that he was promoting to his 11,000 plus followers.

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Thats me! Im a hungry individual and who doesnt want to make money and also save money?

Its also helpful that I have lots of experence with pyramid busnises and multilevel marketing from both a salesman AND Defendant perspective so I feel like I could be a asset to Wilkersons business. And lets be real who woudnt jump at the opportunity to be doing business with A REAL NFL PLAYER. Hed pretty much be my boss and Id get to send him my money all the time directly instead of going through the middle man of NFL.com merch department. How cool.

So Anyways I sent MaxBigEvel123@yahoo.com a email (very succesful sounding name IMO) to see how I could do business with a NFL super star and also make some money on the side before they get shut down for numerous commerce violations.

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Cool bean’s. I went on over to Mo Wilkersons Wake Up Now page were there was a very helpful video on how I can make money by having my friends give me there money.

Its really easy, you just pay them like $100 to use a worse version of google to do your shopping and then that makes you a business owner. Dont believe how easy it is? Just watch:

Needles to say, I was on boared. So then I texted the number Max Success Big Money Level 123 Yahoo Email adress gave me to see if I could talk NFL with Mo and be almost like his employee, or confident, or fanboy who sends him a hunderd dollars a month and never gets to meet him, really I just love the NFL and Ill do anything to say I know a NFL player.




Ok so right there im use a sales technique on him called “bonding and estabilshing rapport.” Im telling him a little about my life and connecting w/ him on a peer to peer basis so we see each other as equals. Unfortunatley I didnt give myself enough time to finish up so I had to push are appointment back.


SMH. But then I got cold feet (and cold hands on account’ve I was grippin and sippin a iced down MD 2020 LimeARita Habernero. I wanted to back out.


IMPORTANT BUSINESS TIP:  Before you except any job its always good advice to check and see how much money you have to pay the person who is giving you a job.


Seems legit. Ive always wanted to be a founder of my own business that someone else owns. But see now MaxBigCashTrumpEmpireCEOSuccess is starting to talk over my head and Ive got to put him back on his toes. So I pull out a HUGE power play here and put him back offbalance by telling him “suprise! Im Mo WIlkerseon. Your talking to your boss right now, better show some respect. Im NFL as they come!”


Silence. Had him runing scared. I was at padlevel he lost all lowman leverage. At this rate, Im going to end up being HIS founder.

Then he tried a immature move and called me. Ignored that. Im to busy closing deals and making succesfull business decisions.

I guess I can let him know that I fooled him good though. Hes going to be pretty embarrased on how good I am at companies.


He was obvously a little intimidated by my CEO presence. I wonder if Mo knows that this guys just throwing a way opportunitys to make some serious bank. Now to be clear, Wake Up has some pretty good HR people, they followed up to se what I though about joining there team.

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This inter action tells you all you need to know about this organization. If your a hiring manager, “Is Joe Flacco a Elite QB?” is the best question you can ask someone, much better then “what are your biggest weaknesses” IMO. So I guess Im not going to be doing business with Mo Wilkerson afterall but if your interested in his company and the SEC-speed in which the fedral government will be investigating them you can go here for more info, maybe youll have better luck then I did.

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