Intriguingly Repurposed Household Items And Links

06.01.12 5 years ago

“I am the ink keeper, are you the cartridge master?” — Reddit

The 10 Greatest Songs That Sample The Beatles |UPROXX|

This Week In Posters: Plagiarism! |Film Drunk|

That kid you don’t remember from ‘Small Wonder’ is homeless now |Warming Glow|

2012 Summer Olympics American Athlete To Watch: Well Hello, Corey Coddell |With Leather|

How The Worst Refereed Game In NBA History* Changed The Course Of Basketball Forever |Smoking Section|

When cosplay goes wrong: Brazilian Hulk stains his skin with submarine paint |Film Drunk|

The 12 Best ‘Call Me Maybe’ Image Parodies On The Internet |UPROXX|

That time Anthony Bourdain hung out with Omar and Marlo |Warming Glow|

BlackBerry Maker RIM: We Have A Billion Dollars In Unused Devices |Smoking Section|

Stop The Madness: First A Man Has His Face Eaten, Now Someone Eats A Heart & Brain |Real Talk NY|

T. Boone Pickens Trolling Drake On Twitter Is Possibly The Best Thing Ever |UPROXX|

Hipster night at the ballpark |With Leather|

New Works From Banksy |Buzzfeed|

The Iron Man Clothes Iron |Technabob|

The 25 Worst Jobs In The World |CollegeHumor|

Cinema’s Most Prolific Guilty Pleasure Actors |Pajiba|

Get ready to feel really good about yourself as a person, compared to these two |High Definite|

VIDEO BELOW: Max the dog can’t figure out the mysterious force keeping him and his newfound spoils outside. |via SayOMG|

[Inset picture via FutureFantastic.]

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