Women Revolution Tennis Shoes

05.06.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

A weird thing happened to me at the record store.

It was four years ago and I was in Be-Bop Record Shop in Jackson, MS. It was a nondescript trip for the most part. I don’t remember what I bought or if I even bought anything.

On my way out, though, the guy behind the counter said with unwavering certainty “You’re [David D. Sr.’s] son. Tell him I said thank you.”

My father and I look exactly alike and people come up to me pretty frequently asking if I’m his son. But they’re usually older people. I left the record store bewildered and impressed at this guy’s knowledge of Civil Rights history.

That was my first interaction with the guy that would come to be known as Skipp Coon. I’d heard his music around Jackson for a couple of years but didn’t realize it was that same guy from Be-Bop. When I found out who it was, I wasn’t surprised. When he raps, he namedrops Stokely Carmichael, stomps on White Flight and laments over blinged-out stupidity.

Recently, Skipp teamed up with the soul-maestro producer Mr. Nick to create the masterpiece and local classic album, Women Revolution Tennis Shoes.

Some rappers make it look easy. Skipp doesn’t, and that’s the beauty of his music. He tirelessly toils over the beat, hammering away at each bar with the force of a chain gang. He hits every beat with the ferocity of a young Ice Cube or Killer Mike and seamlessly transitions into a bluesy wail with enough raw passion to make Etta James stand and applaud.

But let’s not forget about what we all came here for: lyrics. Just check the powerful “What If I” where Skipp ponders what would happen if he were able to hear Stokely Carmichael for in person.

“I’ll go off the road before I stand in this lane
I move my pens to educate, let them fools entertain
The soundtrack to the struggle flows through my veins
…I ain’t impressed with bright lights and overnight fame
But if ya’ll are who am I to complain
I’m not a hater I just refuse to be involved with the miseducation of our people.”

The backdrop is provided by the prolific Mr. Nick, who we’ve already featured a few times before. He’s back at it, setting the ominous stage for Skipp to stomp on.

Women Revolution and Tennis Shoes is an IV of revolution. Hold your arms out and get some.

<a href="http://tibbit.bandcamp.com/track/what-if-i">what if i by Skipp Coon &amp; Mr. Nick</a>

Download — Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick – Women Revolution Tennis Shoes

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