Is a “Twisted Metal” Movie In The Works?

02.15.12 6 years ago

The video game just came out, so, needless to say, Sony has already dropped hints that “Twisted Metal” will be coming to screens courtesy of Brian Taylor, best known as half of Neveldine/Taylor.

Yeah, the guys who made “Crank”. So it’s a good choice for a director.

While we kind of have to question why, precisely, a “Twisted Metal” movie is being made in the first place, since even the franchise itself just reboots every time a new one comes out, we do think that it could be a lot of fun, with a “Mad Max”/”Death Race 2000” vibe.

Just don’t make the mistake the franchise did of assuming Sweet Tooth is fascinating, guys. He isn’t.

[ via Aint It Cool ]

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