Is Bradley Cooper The Next Flash? Or Just the Next Flasher?

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Why not both? Seriously, why doesn’t the Flash run around naked? Who’s going to notice? Who’s going to stop him? It’s not like Batman will arrest him for public nudity or something, and Superman has better things to do. Besides, suddenly appearing in mask, boots and nothing else would probably be the most intimidating costume you could have. And doing that old “knife edge of the hand against the gun barrel” trick with something else would…

Wait, what, casting rumors? OK, fine, fine, apparently Bradley Cooper’s name is on the short list for becoming the Flash. And no, the script does not involve any high-speed nudism, at least not that we’ve heard.

“The Flash” has actually been in development for a while; the whole process started in 2004 with David Goyer writing a script and being attached to direct. Then they got a load of “Blade: Trinity” and “The Uninvited” and that bad idea was retired, so they kept “developing the property” (i.e. spinning their wheels). In the process, it’s gone through four screenwriters and three directors, and yet another draft of the script is due over the holidays.

We’re not sure Cooper will actually put on the bright red tights, but at least we know they’re in the stage of dithering over casting instead of dithering over the script.

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