Isaiah Mustafa Wants To Put Luke Cage On A Horse

08.17.10 7 years ago

America’s favorite topless African America guy, Isaiah “I’m On A Mother F**kin’ Old Spice Horse” Mustafa, refuses to leave the headlines these days. When not trying to convince people’s boyfriends to scrub their genitals with his scent, Mr. Mustafa has been keeping busy by petitioning online for fans to vote him as Luke Cage in any and all upcoming Marvel Comic projects. There’s not even necessarily a Luke Cage movie in the works, but Isaiah is still fueling the fire online, posting photographs from a recent super hero photo shoot.

Via the official Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage Facebook page:

Ladies, look at Luke Cage, now back to me, now back at Luke Cage, now back to me… sadly he isn’t being played by me. But if the casting agents would breathe in my handsome face and body parts they would see I’m perfect for the role. I’m in a movie.

So really, the story here is that swarms of fans online are backing Mustafa and are prepared to follow him into Mordor. Look, the Old Spice campaign is was great, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I used to think that kid who sold Encyclopedia Britannicas was a straight pimp, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch him riding Falcor through an orgy of clouds. Then again…

Videos after the jump from Isaiah’s recent photo shoot, along with a personal message where he flexes his comic knowledge.

Isaiah Mustafa talks Iron Fist:

Hipsters and montages, OH MY! Behind the scenes photo shoot:

Special thanks to BleedingCool for the tip. Banner pic courtesy of RianFlynnPhotography.

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