It’s Sundee Night Football Night in Warrrshington!

11.16.08 9 years ago 34 Comments

I’ve got my Rally Rag ready. No way those Terrible Towels gonna embarrass us this week! We’re gonna take it to these Cowgirls. ‘Skins can’t possibly win this game by any less than four scores. BLITZ THE PINKY! BLITZ THE PINKY! The way we got embarrassed in our last game was only ’cause we had a late bye week. No rested Redskins team woulda lost that one. Now we’re prepared for the stretch run.


I’ll say realistic Redskins finish is 12-4. 13-3 if we just cut the shit and start Colt Brennan already. He’s the man of the people! We’d be playing a Sundee in February with him.

Bandwagon starts up again this week. DeAngelo Hall is just the dynasty-sparking aquisition we’ve been waiting for. No Portis means Shaun Alexander goes for 150 yards! Stock market rebounds on the strength of a Warrshington victory!


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